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About us

Eatoo-quette with Same-Day Delivery

EATOO is a team with full of cultural diversity, thus we know where we can get the best products and identify the best quality among all the suppliers. By utilizing our strong connection with local suppliers and importers, and make sure we would locate the best quality ingredients for you. We established in June 2019 and introduced to the public on 14th February 2020, and we noticed a business opportunity by offering Same-Day delivery which were lacking in the UK market.

Listening to the customers’ need in effective manner and offering good quality product in an efficiency way; no matter having a good day or bad day, Eatoo has got you covered. We are keen on supporting local businesses, farmers with sustainable resources, deliver by our electric vehicle to your door within the same day.

More than just a grocery store!

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Exceptional Ingredients, Remarkable Taste

We are offering fresh ingredients straight from the source, send out with our same day delivery which we hope our customers would be satisfied as we are. Our members of staff carefully select the vegetables, wash and prepare by orders accordingly, delivering to you with care by our drivers. Our containers are biodegradable and eco-friendly to the environment. They come in a compact size which would be easy for storage in fridge. We always keep our ears open to our consumers and try our best to fulfil their requirement in effective manner. Eat Well & Healthy Eating are what people care the most nowadays, the society are more conscious on the food they consume on the daily basis and what the ingredients would bring out the best in them.

Eatoo re-assure not only our ingredients are fresh, but also taste remarkable. In addition, we are all responsible for saving the environment whilst our team hunt for the resources with quality, we work closely with our suppliers to ensure we consistently provide only the most outstanding ingredients with exceptional flavour. We would reject anything that is not up to our standard, thus enhancing our brand and what we stand for.

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